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Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with exterior doors and windows that protect your home from the elements outside. Warman Home Centre specializes in energy efficient and durable windows and doors by trusted suppliers such as All Weather Windows and Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems.

Warman Home Centre also offers a selction of interior doors and trim by Metrie to add style and privacy to any home.

Need help choosing the right windows or doors? Our experts at Warman Home Centre can help you find the perfect style based on your measurements and budget. Call us at (306) 933-4950 for a quote.


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At Warman Home Centre, we're committed to delivering distinctive interior door styles that complement any home and personal taste.

To browse interior door styles, view Metrie's Masonite Interior Door Collection.

Available Window Styles

Windows can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With the choice of window styles, glass, and hardware, you have the freedom to truly customize your windows to fit your unique home. The possibilities are endless. Below are just a few window styles available at Warman Home Centre.

Windows at Warman Home CentreTilt & Turn

The top tilt position allows draft-free ventilation and offers total rain protection. With a simple turn of the handle, the entire window opens just like a traditional hinged door for maximum ventilation, egress opening, and ease of cleaning. When in the closed position the Tilt & Turn has the classic appearance of a picture window.


Windows at Warman Home CentreSingle Hung/Verticle Slider

Bottom slash slides up and tilts in for easy cleaning. Provides versatile ventilation and simple ease of use.


Windows at Warman Home CentreGlider/Slider

Great durability and resistance to water and air infiltration without sacrificing beauty. Make the most of an attractive combination of energy efficiency, low maintenance, comfort, and value - saving you money while keeping your home warm when it’s cold outside.


Windows at Warman Home CentreFixed

A non-opening window that provides a “fixed” casement look, to provide a uniform look with attached casement windows.


Windows at Warman Home CentreDouble Hung/Verticle Slider

Both sashes slide up and down and tilt in for easy cleaning. Provides versatile ventilation and simple ease of use.


Windows at Warman Home CentreCasement

Opens out and is hinged on the side. A common style of window that allows venting. Available in multiple combinations and in Egress compliant sizes and hardware.


Windows at Warman Home CentreBay or Bow

A combination of windows with angled sides that extends a room outwards to maximize a view.


Windows at Warman Home CentreAwning

Opens out and is hinged at the top. Common Energy Efficient kitchen and bathroom window, excellent venting. Available in multiple combinations.


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